Job Interview Skills in English

Individual English Training for Job Interviews

This Individual Training is aimed at participants who would like to improve their English for the job-seeking process. From the pre-interview phase - CV styling and job application - right through to the post-interview stage, we can help you to present yourself professionally in English.

As a job application and subsequent interview is a very personal process, we normally carry out this training on a one-to-one basis. Discretion is assured at all times.


Prior to the training, the participant is asked to take an online test, so we can ascertain their English level.

Training can take place either intensively (over one or more full days) or extensively (shorter modules over the course of weeks or months). The course option you choose depends on how much time you have prior to the job interview. We have in the past successfully trained candidates for a job interview at just one day’s notice!

Below is an outline of the modules typically covered in this training. Depending on your language level and specific needs, we will decide together which of these modules are relevant to your situation.

Module Topic
1 Kick–off meeting
Initial look at CV, job description and person specification, if available
2 CV translation (if applicable) or CV styling and proofreading
to fit appropriately to job, company and person specification.
Drafting of cover letter, if applicable.
3 Arranging an appointment, thanking for an interview.
Standard email and telephone phrases.
4 Language Input: Target phrases for factual interview questions.
Initial small talk. Speaking about yourself, your qualifications and work experience.
Grammar focus: Correct use of tenses. Past, present and present continuous.
5 Language Input: Target phrases for more complex interview questions
Talking about your skills and goals. Asking the interviewer appropriate questions.
Grammar focus: appropriate verbs and adjectives, questioning, giving
6 Interview role-play*
Simulated job interview with Trainer recorded on video for feedback purposes. Feedback is given on both content (what was said) and language (how it was said).

* This module is normally repeated.
7 Assessment centre simulation
If relevant, a simulated assessment centre case-study is set up.
Language focus: stating opinions, giving reasons, diplomatic language.
8 Cross-cultural communication.
Do’s and don’t of job interviews, if applicable.

Training dates: flexible. Please contact ILSF.

Location: International Language School,
Kaiser-Friedrich-Promenade 153a, 61352 Bad Homburg

Price: € 165.- per 3 TU block. 1 TU = 45 minutes.
CV translation and proofreading rates on request.

If you have any questions please contact us.