Forms of Training

One-to-one offers complete freedom to learn what you want, when you want and how you want and is suitable for the busy participant who needs to learn a new language despite the full schedule!

The advantages of one-to-one are clear

One-to-one training
  • You dictate what you want to learn
  • You have the full attention of the trainer
  • You set the pace
  • You do not have to listen to other people’s mistakes
  • You get a real chance to speak
  • You choose how many lessons you wish to have, when you want to have them and where you wish to be taught either at the school or in your office

Pair-training is very similar to one-to-one training. You choose your partner who has the same goals and level as yourself. (We cannot guarantee to provide a partner for you.) Only people who really fit together are accepted on a pair-training course.

Once you have booked the number of lessons you wish to have tell us when and where you wish to have the lessons and we do the rest!

The advantages of a pair-training are

  • You only have one other participant in the lesson
  • You can do role plays
  • You still get a good chance to speak yourself
  • You choose how many lessons you with to have, when you want to have them and where you wish to be taught either at the school or in your office.

We believe the groups should never have more than 8 participants. A small group of four people is ideal. This is not based on our idea to sell more courses but on the simple fact that each lesson normally has 90 minutes. If the trainer talks for ten of those minutes then that leaves 10 minutes for each student 10 minutes of talking time each week is simply not very much!

Language Training in Small Groups

Our group courses can be held either in the school - for companies which have a problem of finding rooms in their own building or in the company itself. We can offer intensive courses – every day a double lesson or more – or extensive courses 90 minutes a week for several weeks.

Many companies choose to run English language courses on a permanent basis, these on-going courses are booked in blocks of three to six months at a time.

The International Language School is proud of its firm, solid base of trainers who are in Germany on a permanent basis. We do not employ students or people who are only looking for temporary work. This means that the group sees the same trainer every week. This way we can develop a good, consistent learning atmosphere and an excellent relationship between trainer and students can be built.

"24/7" – either individually or in a group

This is the most effective form of training possible for really fast results.

Who is it suitable for?

Participants who need to learn the target language as quickly as possible. It is also suitable for students who only really need to refresh all their language skills e.g. students who used to speak excellent English but have not spoken for a long time.

Advantages of "24/7"

You can concentrate fully on learning the language without external distractions. If you are the only student the lessons are based exactly around your speed and learning style and what you want to learn. We only accept very small groups for this type of training and they are composed of similar level students all with the same goals.

How does it work?

You choose the number of lessons you wish to have each day. The very maximum would be 12 (12 x 45 mins)

You are allocated your own room at the school and you can work, in private and in peace when you are not being taught.

We have a team of trainers working together so that your concentration level is always activated and you do not get bored! Many different methods of teaching are used including the use of video, CDs and tape recorder. Evening activities can also be booked with native speakers so the learning effect continues all day.

webex Teleteaching English Lessons with a live trainer

It’s just like face to face but with a screen between!

Who’s it for?

Anybody and everybody that wants or needs to learn general or Business English or improve their existing skills, especially:

  • Remote workers (Home office, people who travel a lot) – you can connect with your trainer from your home, office or hotel room.
  • People who need lessons early in the morning, late in the evening or even at weekends – if your trainer doesn’t have to go anywhere he or she can be much more flexible about availability.
  • People under time pressure – only got an hour to spare at a time? Connect with your trainer at the appointed lesson time and get started straight away.
  • People who don’t want structured lessons with lots of theory but would welcome the chance to chat regularly with a native English speaker and be corrected when they make mistakes.

What are the benefits?

  • Very efficient use of time
  • Flexibility
  • Works anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection
  • Some trainers could be available outside normal working hours in order to fit in with your if you are in a different time zone.
  • One hour (60-minute) lessons possible
  • Possible to build a relationship of trust and rapport with your trainer through regular interaction who will quickly become aware of your needs and regular errors.
  • You can do the lesson in your pyjamas!


How does it work?

  • You book your online appointments as far in advance as possible, just as you would with face to face lessons. Regular time slots are always best but your trainer will be as flexible as possible however our normal cancellation policy applies.
  • You choose which platform you would prefer to use – WebEx or Skype.
  • If you choose WebEx you do not need to buy or download anything in advance as ILS has the necessary licenses. Your trainer will send you an invitation to each session – you just click the link and off you go!
  • If you choose Skype, you will need to install Skype on the device(s) you plan to use and let your trainer know your Skype name. One of you calls the other via Skype when you’re ready to start.

What do you need?

  • A device with a built-in webcam or an external USB webcam (on some older laptops and most desk-top computers)
  • A stereo headset with a microphone if possible however if you are in an environment with no ambient noise, the speaker and microphone in your device may suffice. Users of tablets (iPads etc) often use the kind of earplugs with or without microphone that are common for use with mobile phones.
    1) The headset you choose should not cover your ears too much or you won’t be able to hear your own voice clearly. The ear-piece pads should sit on your ears and not completely enclose them
    2) The headset should have a microphone which folds down in front of your mouth

    ILS recommends the Sennheiser PC3 headset or similar. Headset PC 2 which only has one ear-piece as used in call-centres is not recommended as you will not be able to hear your trainer as clearly.

    ILS recommends the UGreen external USB sound-card adapter

    Both of these items can be ordered from ILS and charged to your Company.
  • Somewhere quiet and comfortable to have your lesson.

Will your lessons be one-to-one with the trainer?

  • Normally yes – one a one-to-one basis your trainer can respond better to your needs and deal with specific questions or areas of difficulty that you may have.
  • Group lessons are possible with up to four participants however we would recommend not more than two participants in a session at any time if possible.

Do you need to buy any books?

  • Your trainer will discuss this with you during your first sessions and you can decide between you. If you choose not to have a book, your trainer will email you any materials you will need or send them by file transfer during your session.

How do you know if you will like it?

  • Most trainers are willing to offer a free 30-minute trail session at a mutually convenient time so just let us know when you’re available and we’ll set it up for you – no obligation.

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