Croissants & Conversation

Intermediate German Conversation Course

What can I expect?

Greater fluency will be achieved through discussion in an informal and friendly setting using a pre-selected subject as support, giving access to up-to-date material from newspaper and magazines. There is no homework involved (except for reading the article received and reviewing the previous lesson). The classes will also develop your listening and comprehension skills to improve understanding. Grammar topics will be covered in context, as and when necessary.

Participants describe the situations in which they need German. The Trainer then presents them with vocabulary and phrases to deal with this situation, followed by role-play.


In the course we will target areas such as


This course is very hands on and focuses primarily on improving fluency in German for a variety of situations. Through a series of role-plays and article discussions, you get to practise your German followed by all-important Trainer feedback.

Naturally intermediate grammar will be taught and practised, new vocabulary will be introduced and you will be requested to review what has been covered in class so we can progress the following week.